Pos Prints Studio

Welcome to Pos Prints and thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

Pos Prints was officially started in 2011. It is based in Oslo, the capital of Norway.
The motivation for starting Pos Prints was to make art easy accessible for people, and to give everyone a chance to buy art from different artists worldwide. At the same time, give new upcoming artists an opportunity to show their work to the world.

Our main goal is to let the artist have their own free opportunity to use different mixed media and techniques. The artist themselves choose the materials to give the art its own unique personal touch.
All the prints are handmade, and we have 100 percent focus on premium quality materials. The prints are limited to low editions to keep the art unique.

We have a high focus on our customers, and we work hard to keep each and everyone satisfied at all time. Always there to try to maintain a good relationship with all our artists and customers at all time. We are pleased to work with well-known printing companies, with many years of experience that have the same mentality as we do.

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Pos Prints Studio