DOTDOTDOT | Photo: Sigurd Andersen

DOT DOT DOT (b. Oslo, Norway) is a visual artist who first embarked on graffiti in the late 90´s. He has operated under several aliases, but when he successfully shifted to a more conceptual and figurative style he settled on the name DOT DOT DOT. From mid 2000 his focus was on stencil work and in the last few years he has stepped back to his oil paintings and has become regarded as one of Norway's leading and most known artists.

DOT DOT DOT's artwork is on display in several galleries and is amongst collectors worldwide. His paintings have a 1970's pop art reference through modern aesthetics. He also has a rather satirical look at contemporary art and its own self-imposed grandeur, not to mention the players within it which changed the segment into a multinational commercial space. His execution of imagery brings often out debate and have a provocative touch to question the politics and the world as it is today. With a playful cultural subject vision in his paintings, he reaches out for the nostalgia and retrospective. Well known for using varied methods of installation, sculpture, etching, drawing and painting with a strong juxtaposition to execute the visual to the viewer with a powerful idea and thought. He does his paintings figurative and hyper realistic into a very pure sight to gain the object(s) full attention to the viewer, which he is known for worldwide...

Even his young career, he has already successfully shown and exhibited in over 50 solo and group shows across the world in some of the leading private galleries, institutions and auction houses, as well as featured in newspapers, books, magazines and blogs as The Huffington Post, The Times, Rolling Stones, KUNST, Juxtapoz Magazine, Graffiti Art Magazine, HiFructose Magazine, Brooklyn Street Art, Wooster Collective, Ekosystem, SlamxHype, Arrested Motion, Street Art News, Upper Playground, Instagrafite and more...

He has left his mark on places and walls around the world amongst United States, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Thailand, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and more… His age and real name are not officially known.